Easy, Step-By-Step Guide To Jumma Khutbahs

Due to Coronovirus (COVID-19), all Masjids are closed. As a Muslim, we know that one cannot miss a Jumma Prayer, at least not after the 3rd week in a row. For this reason, to help ourselves, we used various online sites to try to conduct the Jumma at home but couldn't because even though the information was available but it was very confusing and not presented as a step-by-step process for a lamen person. We are not scholors or anyone with high Islamic education and so we were confused. Therefore, we decided to spend hours and hours to take the information from these various sites (verbatim) and put all the information together in such a simple manner that anyone can hold a Jumma Khutbah/Prayer anywhere without having to worry about missing a Jumma Prayer again! Alhumdolillah we have been conducting our own Jumma Khutbahs and Prayer at home for the past 2 weeks and so we thought "wouldn't it be nice if we can share this information with everyone else to follow too?".

This is when we decided that there was a need to develop a Simple and Easy Site that will allow people to just get the information and apply it. The information that you will find here is already available by other sites and to their generosity Alhumdolillah we were able to use their information to help us and so with the intention of helping every Muslim on earth and for our future generations (my children and yours), we decided to publish our own Easy, Step-By-Step Guide To Jumma Khutbahs so that others too can benefit, every Friday. It is NOT our intention to steal information or not give credit to other sites and people who have already spent countless hours to provide this information - all we are doing is just presenting it differently and we hope that every time someone uses this information, not only you or us benefit but also they do too! Allah knows best! Information on the net is available for use and so we did. Now you can too, but in a simple and easy manner! All verbiage is verbatim, as such, we wanted to give credit to all sources and sites that we used to prepare these Jumma Khutbahs. These sites are very informative and you may benefit from them, so we have listed them on our site for your benefit.

Before you review the Khutbahs, it is extremely important to understand that to conduct the Jumma Prayers at home, you need a minimum of 3 people behind the Imam. When following this step-by-step guide, please make sure you take them very seriously! Follow all steps to in detail and esnure to follow all Jumma etiquettes (that are easily found on the internet and from people of source and your own experience).

Please make sure that IF you do a full English Jumma Khutbah then you don't use this guide. As this guide is made for a MIX Khutbah - as it takes place in most Asian Masjid's around the world. At first, there is a Imam's Lecture then it is followed by a formal Arabic Khutbah #1 and Khutbah #2 and the Supplication/Dua in the end.

English Lecture is not part of this Jumma Guide as it is considered an extra activity over and above the mandatory Khutbah #1 and Khutbah #2. Therefore, before using this guide, please either make up your own short English Lecture (10-25min long) OR just look it up online as there are many short English Lectures are available for people to use in Jumma English Lectures. Just make sure that every time you present an English Lecture, you inclde 2 Hadiths and 2 Quranic Quotes related to your topics and that your topics are current and relative and at the end of your Lecture, you leave your audience with 1-3 Action-Items (like a homework! for people to go home and in their socities and start implementing these 1-3 changes in their lives to be closer to Allah!)

Last, we wanted all Achay Sathi's (Good Friend's) to use a universal language - in this case English, so that most people in the world can benefit; however, we could not access some stuff only in English. Such as Listening to Quran chapter by chapter. We found one-set, separated by each chapter in Arabic; however, it has an Urdu Translation - we apologize to everyone who cannot understand Urdu and urge you to help us find the EXACT same with Engish Translation so we can post it here and replace. That way, everyone can understand in English translation. For now, please see the entire Quran In Arabic, Listed on the Left Side Bar, separated by each chapter. Come here to listen to it daily and be blessed! JazakAllah Khairun.

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