Feeling Low? Be Patient And Appreciate What You Have, Not What You Don't Have! In The Quran Allah Says: "We Will Test You In Fear, Hunger, Loss Of Wealth, Life & Fruit - But Give Glad Tidings To The Patient"(Quran 2:155) And "So Which Of The Favors Of Your Lord Would You Deny?(55:18). Get Inspired With Quranic Quotes:

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Disovering Your Purpose On Earth? In The Quran Allah Says "I Have Created The Jinn And Humankind Only For My Worship"(51:56) & "Did You Think That We Had Created You In Play (Without Any Purpose) & That You Would Not Be Brought Back To Us?"(23:115). Find Out How You Can Make Life More Meaningful.

Discover Your Purpose

Tried Everything But Still Can't Feel Good? Secret: You Will NOT Feel Good Unless You Are Close To Your Creator. Choice Between "Good" and "Evil" Is What Makes You Feel Good OR Bad. Learn How To Change "Actions" To Feel Good. Transform Yourself By Improving Thoughts And Feelings Consistently, And Systematically

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Feeling Sad? Lonely? Hurt? Angry? Worried? Distressed? Depressed? Let Quranic Quotes And Hadiths Make You Feel Better! Plus, Tips To Memorize Duas!

16 Hadiths/Quotes To Make You Feel Good

Learn How To Have A Pious Character, And How To Enter Jannahtul Firdaus! Find Out 25-Ways To Enter Jannah! Apply These In Your Life To Become Better!

25 Ways To Enter Jannah!

To Be AchaySathi, Everyday One Must Read & Apply With Full Understanding One Hadith A Day! Get Inspired By Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) Quotes:

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To Be AchaySathi, One Must Be Close To Allah (SWT)! Find Out How You Can Be Close To Allah (SWT). Get Inspired & Learn The 99 Names Of Allah (SWT) With Meaning And Explanations!

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Curious About Islam? View These Frequently Asked Questions & Discover Why Allah (SWT) Created Us, & What Is Special About Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) & His Message? Etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Islam

To Be A True AchaySathi, One Must Memorize Surahs, Hadiths, And Duas With Meaning! Memorize The Full Quran OR At Least The 30th Chapter. When Praying, Know In Your Heart What Is Being Recited!

Learn 65+ Quranic Duas With Meaning!

All AchaySathis Must Strive To Know The History Of The World And Information About The Lives Of The Prophets And Their Purpose On Earth. View Basic General Information About The Prophets.

Find Out About The 25 Prophets Mentioned In Quran!

Achay Sathis Must Finish The Entire Quran With Translation & Commentary! For Urdu Readers: View The "Summary Of 30 Quranic Chapters" And Learn "How To Do Namaz (Prayers) With Meaning"!

Read Quran Summary & Learn How To Pray With Meaning! (In Urdu)

An AchaySathi Must Recite The Quran Daily! Recite Surah Yaseen In Fajr, Surah Rehman After Asr, Surah Waqaiyah After Maghrib, & Surah Sajdah / Surah Mulk After Isha. Listen To The Quran Now!

Never Let A Day Go By Without Reciting The Quran! Listen Now!

To Be Achay Sathi, Become A Super Special Muslim: Learn: Ghusl / Wudu (Pages 3-4), Salah With Meaning (Pages 5-22). Make Sure To Do Actions Correctly & Slowly. Find Out How!

Be Super Special! Learn Ghusl, Wudu, & Salah!

To Be Achay Sathi, Discover How To Increase Your Scale And How You Can Perform Simple But Powerful Actions In Your Life, That Can Give You An Edge Over Many! Learn How To Do It Here!

44 Simple Actions Heaviest On The Scale

To Be A True Achay Sathi, Be Close To Allah (SWT) And The Prophet (PBUH), Have Strong Muslim Psychology. Be: Confident, Motivated, And Have Self-Esteem, And Self-Respect!

Find Out 10-Simple Steps To Be AchaySathi!

One Way To Gain Confidence, Motivation, Self-Esteem, and Self-Respect Is To Increase Your Knowledge About Life (Or Any Topic Or Activity)! Get Inspired To Love Islam, And Learn By Increasing Knowledge! Learn The Quran Thafseer In English & Urdu. Learn Salah, Duas, & Watch / Read Islamic Videos!

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Achay Sathis Must Also Focus On Family Relationships And Be Good With Their Families! One Way To Enjoy Time With All Family Members Is To Enjoy This Islamic Playland Site That We Recommend. Discover Children's Islamic Games, Puzzles, Quizzes, And Colouring Activities For The Whole Family Fun!

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Be A "Special Muslim"! Learn To Read The Quran & Educate About Islam! Here, Kids Can Watch OR Read Stories About: The Sahaba's, The Prophets, 1001 Inventions & Facts About Muslim Civilizations, Foods, Animals, Science, Geography, Kids Islamic Encyclopedia, Play Games, & Much More! Learn In English, Arabic, and Urdu!

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  • Self-Motivation:

    Do you lack desires and ambitions? Do you feel that nothing is worth it? Do you feel like giving up? Find out how you can become better and improve your self-motivation and how you feel, just by following the simple tips here: Click Here
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  • Self-Confidence:

    Do you feel you have nothing to offer? Do you feel lack of self-confidence in anything you do? Find out how you can become better and improve your self-confidence by following the simple tips here: Click Here
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  • Self-Respect:

    Do you feel worthless/useless? Do you feel that no one else respects you the way you’d like? Do you lack the respect? Find out how you can become better and improve your self-respect by following the simple tips here: Click Here
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  • Self-Esteem:

    Do you unhappy with whatever you do? Do you give up easily? Do you feel you don’t know how to do things and feel lost? Find out how you can become better and improve your self-esteem by following the simple tips here: Click Here
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