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Be Close To Your Creator! Be Good!
Everything in life is a Test. Big or small. Good or bad. Every
thought, every word, and every action that a human decides to take
is a TEST. If you lived your life with this thinking and understand
that the only reason why we are on earth is because we were
punished to be tested and if we pass, then we will be allowed to go
back to our home in Jannah; otherwise, we will get the punishment
for not following Allah’s orders.
Our job is to just please Allah in everything we do. Our job is
to put aside our own wishes and desires (if they are evil and sinful)
and only do good deeds that are ordered by Allah and modelled by
our beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Reason why we feel low, is
because think the life is ours, but it is not. Life is Allah’s. Allah
created us all and Allah will make us die and then Allah is the one
who will wake us up again on the day of judgement and decide our
fate based on our “actions” on this earth. Allah created the entire
universe and Allah will end it. Since Allah created everything and
everyone in it, then it is only fitting that only Allah can end it and
decide what will happen and when and to whom and by whom. Life
is very simple.
Islam is very simple. Let’s not make it difficult. Think of it as
if you are a seven year old and can only understand the basics. The
basics here tell us that Feeling Low happens because Shaytan puts
negative thoughts in your brain. To ensure he is not successful, we
must use our secret weapon: 5-Pillars of Islam - with full
understanding and meaning! If we practice these with sincerity and
deep feelings, then every good person will just feel good and
satisfied. The ones that don’t, Allah says in the Quran to just leave
them be. If Allah’s words and guidance cannot help them, then we
are to just leave them in Allah’s hands and surely Allah will deal with
them directly on the day of judgement and decide their fate as Allah
Feel Good. Learn More. Tried Everything? Prepared By: AchaySathi.com Page 2
is just and everyone and everything will get our fair share of what
we did on earth.
Keeping our tongue moist with Allah’s name daily such as
Praying, doing daily zikr and doing dua will help keep Shaytan away
and angels will guard you to make sure you feel opposite of feeling
low! Appreciate what Allah has given you and give thanks to Allah
even when times are not good. Humble attitude will earn you great
rewards in this world and the hereafter.