Our Purpose On Earth. Prepared By: AchaySathi.com Page 1
Our Purpose On Earth:
People are sent on earth to worship Allah this is our
purpose! This means we have no choice but to Follow the 5-
Principles of Islam completely, effectively, efficiently, consistently
and systematically as per Allah’s orders and Sunna with proper
understanding of the meaning of every word we recite or
communicate with Allah (SWT).
First principle is Belief, second is prayer, third is fasting, fourth
is zakat, and fifth is Hajj. If we do work on all 5-Pillars of Islam this
way, then you will NOT feel lost. If you still do, then you need to
surround yourself with people who are practicing and genuinely and
sincerely follow on their footsteps and I’m sure you will find what
you are looking for.
Remember, everything we do must be to please Allah and if it
is, automatically, that’s considered as “worship” and you will get the
reward. Therefore, best way to feel the best is to start or or help
out a charity or just volunteer to help others in some capacity.
When you give either your time or money, you will not only feel
good to help others but also feel accomplished and when most
humans feel accomplished they do not feel low. Helping others
should help you feel good.
The best way to feel good is to help others and do what Allah
(SWT) has ordered us to do! Those who dont believe in this, will find
it very difficult to find satisfaction in this world and there will be
more difficulty for them in the Hereafter!