Learn How To Increase Self-Respect. Compiled and Prepared By: AchaySathi.com Page 1
Learn How To Increase Self-Respect:
Do you feel worthless and useless?
Do you feel that no one else respects you the way you’d like? Do
you lack the respect for yourself?
Find out how you can become better and improve your self-respect
by following the simple tips below:
Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary: "Is a proper respect for oneself
as a human being or regard for one's own standing or position".
As Muslims, we are to have a praiseworthy trait of honour and
not be lowly or humiliate self or be weak. Prophet (PBUH) said:
Whosoever gives ignominy willingly from himself, not out of
coercion, is not from us (Tabarani).
In Islam, we are to believe and obey Allah in all aspects of our
lives and feel proud every time we do an activity that pleases Allah,
this includes the fact that if we ask Allah for forgiveness, we must
stop what we did wrong and must believe that Allah (SWT) has
forgiven us; this is part of “believing”. If we don’t believe this, then
we don’t really believe anything! We are to be proud to be lucky to
be “Muslims”, be proud of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), be proud
to be part of his followers in every way, be proud of prayer and
fasting, and be proud of overall Muslim lifestyle. This pride is
crucial to have a strong Muslim character. If we are not pleasing
Allah in all what we do, our self-respect decreases.
To help our self-respect, we need to do some deep thinking
and acknowledge that every Muslim has been blessed by Allah and
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has automatically been given a “pride” by Allah in return for pleasing
Him and following everything that relates to his religion. Therefore,
accepting responsibility for your own life and making healthy
choices by focusing on what we "do" daily, helps us to feel
As a first step, you must love, obey and honour Allah & our
Prophet Muhammed(PBH), fear Allah, and then set your standards to
those that Allah has prescribed - this will help you feel respected. It
is important to consistently live within the boundaries & life
priorities that Allah has set and take actions to perform daily
To do this, treat others are our environment with respect, be
honest and fair to yourself and others; as well, learn everything you
can about the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and
apply in your life - make him your inspiration! Learn to walk away
from anything or anyone who no longer serves you, grows you, or
makes you happy.
The easiest way to increase self-respect: you must:
(a) don’t compare yourself to others; instead, be honest and fair and
determine and evaluate your “values” as prescribed by Allah and
Sunnah and know who you are and what’s your personal “limits” and
follow only within those limits and never settle for less than what
you deserve!,
(b) make a plan to decide how you will live your life rather than
reacting to circumstances,
(c) choose your priorities and try to work on areas of life that will
have immediate positive impact on your life and create specific
goals to achieve them even create daily to-do list as stepping
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(d) create accountability by announcing to all, report daily on your
actions and ask for support and feedback,
(e) Ignore your negative fearful thought and feelings about self-
(f) daily say positive affirmations to self and speak positive about
yourself change the way you talk and behave about yourself and
act “as if” you are respectable and admirable person until you feel it,
(g) expect setbacks and keep going,
(h) surround yourself with respectful and respectable people,
(i) take care of your body and exercise regularly to build confidence,
(j) forgive those who hurt you and don’t dwell on your mistakes, and
(k) perform self-check as you move forward and don’t stop, keep