Learn How To Increase Self-Esteem. Compiled and Prepared By: AchaySathi.com Page 1
Learn How To Increase Self-Esteem:
Do you unhappy with whatever you do?
Do you give up easily? Do you feel you don’t know how to do
things and feel lost?
Find out how you can become better and improve your self-
esteem by following the simple tips below:
Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary: "Is a confidence and
satisfaction in oneself".
In Islam, you “feel” good when you are truly “connected” with
your Creator. Feeling good leads to satisfaction. To connect
effectively and efficiently one must be consistent and systematic
with positive attitude and be an active participant in your own life
and grow from your own experiences. As well, focus on
understanding the meaning of Salah, zikr and dua’s is crucial in
one’s full satisfaction and the more you “feel” the “connection”
between you and Allah (SWT), the more you feel the confidence that
all will be fine as Allah will be there to help whenever needed.
Following the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed
(PBUH) also increases the inner satisfaction and the confidence.
Muslims must always be grateful to Allah for everything and not
complain or be negative and apply positive thinking. Muslims must
also be steadfast in 5 daily prayers on-time, complete and follow the
5-Pillars of Islam, and ask Allah daily to help. This allows you to
evaluate your personal life, develop a Muslim psychology by
spending time with people who are already have high self-esteem,
Learn How To Increase Self-Esteem. Compiled and Prepared By: AchaySathi.com Page 2
develop positive skills and habits, and helps you keep up with your
personal grooming. These are the foundation of building self-
esteem to help you “value” your worth and “appreciate” this life.
If you do this, it can make you “feel” good about yourself and
help increase your confidence and satisfaction which helps increase
the self-esteem!
The easiest way to feel self-esteem is to pray with sincerity
and understanding by focusing on the meaning of what you
recite, and every thought and action we take daily has to be
sincere. To increase self-esteem further, you need to "value and
appreciate" yourself by being realistic and focusing on how you
think about yourself and how you treat yourself and others.
To become better at this, you need to consistently "self-
evaluate" and "focus on applying" Allah's instructions for
humans and standards set by our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH),
(a) work on your areas of improvement in life,
(b) develop more positive skills, habits and projects,
(c) practice healthy self-care including healthy “hand-slaughtered-
halal” diet and regular exercise,
(d) get all your needs met in a healthy manner,
(e) master the art of speaking without getting angry or always being
empathetic and sincere,
(f) focus on your accomplishments,
(g) look inside yourself rather than external self or others, and
(h) engage in positive mental vision.