Learn How To Increase Self-Confidence. Compiled and Prepared By: AchaySathi.com Page 1
Learn How To Increase Self-Confidence:
Do you feel you have nothing to offer?
Do you feel lack of self-confidence in anything you do?
Find out how you can become better and improve your self-
confidence by following the simple tips below:
Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary: "Confidence in oneself and in
one's powers and abilities."
In Islam, strong self-belief is crucial in realization that every
human has been created equally but with unique powers, talents,
and abilities. This belief becomes stronger when we remain
“connected” to Allah and only follow Allah’s desires over our own
and do everything we can do please Allah (SWT) and follow the
Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). This involves,
being steadfast in 5 daily prayers on-time, complete and following
the 5-Pillars of Islam, and asking Allah to help us.
If we do this, it can make us “feel” good about ourselves and
help increase our self-confidence! The easiest way to feel self-
confident is to pray with sincerity and understanding by focusing on
the meaning of what you recite, and every thought and action we
take daily has to be sincere.
To gain further confident, you must first be independent,
ignore all negative thoughts and visualize how you want to
become and use positive affirmations daily, then follow these
easy ways to increase your self-confidence:
Learn How To Increase Self-Confidence. Compiled and Prepared By: AchaySathi.com Page 2
(a) read about confidence and create personal boundaries,
(b) write down a list of your strengths and have desire to pursue
something you are good at,
(c) set realistic goals and try your best and know you cannot fail if
you satisfy Allah,
(d) plan for risks and mistakes,
(e) make daily to-do lists for tasks to be achieved and try to do one
thing daily that you find the toughest,
(f) have positive self-talks and put 100% trust in Allah,
(g) network with confident and respectful people,
(h) be down to earth and help others,
(i) exercise and sleep well and take care of your body and mind, and
(j) make this special dua to improve your faith and character. Dua
will give you the strength to be confident and productive: (Moses)
said: “My Lord! Expand for me by breast (with assurance). And ease
for me my task. And untie the knot from my tongue. That they may
understand my speech.” (Quran: 20:25-28)